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Simon French <simon@...>

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have done the Repeater mod
without any problems.

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I have now been given the mod for enabling cross band rebroadcast.

This comes from a copy of a fax that has Kenwood across the top of it. Here
is a transcript.

5. Modification procedures for models to other Type (Transmitter band
expansion, ext)
Set a desired destination by adding or deleting three chip jumpers (R659,
R661, R662) and a lead jumper (W602) on the foil side of the TX-RX unit
(X57-586X-XX). (Refer to the attached tables 2 to 19 for details.) [Didn't
get a copy of those].

Remove R659 and W062 to extend the transmitting band.
Remove R675 to modify the channel display mode. [Shows channel instead of
Remove R674 to modify the repeater.
(Repeater in TM-D700A to U.S.A./Canada has already been modified before

I have looked at the board and cannot find R674, however there are tow chip
resistors (0 ohm?) labelled REPTER and CH. Ay a guess these are R674 and
R675 respectively. I may try to remove REPTER later and watch the results.

Usual caveats in place, if it breaks because of these mods, you are on your

Simon French

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