Re: TNC Buffer (RNR)

Joshua KJ7LVZ

Thank you, Pat.  I was wondering if XFLOW would be the issue but just as stated on that site, it isn't intuitive.  I thought about disconnecting my serial adapter then if that didn't work, toggle XFLOW but hadn't gotten around to it.  I'll give it a shot today and see how it responds.  

In short, XFLOW ON causes the TNC serial port to use hardware flow control.  XFLOW OFF tells the TNC serial port to use software flow control.  Setting XFLOW ON will allow the TNC to continue responding to incoming connections even though its serial buffer is full (or it just sends serial data and forgets about it; I'm not sure.)  My TNC2 in the house has XFLOW set on while the TM-D710G in the truck has XFLOW set off.  I'll be setting the 710 XFLOW ON and reporting back.

After reviewing the 710 manual as well as the MFJ 1270B manual, XFLOW OFF uses hardware flow control (RTS).  XFLOW ON uses software flow control.  That makes more sense.

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