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R. Patrick Ryan

This may help 

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On Thu, Dec 2, 2021 at 9:45 AM Joshua KJ7LVZ <joshuajayg@...> wrote:
Okay, you packet junkies, I have a question about the internal TNC.  It have an MFJ-1270B that I am using to connect to my 710G.  On the 710G I have CONOK ON and BBS ON.  I can connect to my 710G but then I get an RNR after connection (Receive Not Ready.)  This is because I have nothing connected to me serial adapter on the 710G, it's just sitting there, and the serial buffer gets full.  But...  shouldn't the 710G be able to operate stand-alone and accept a small number of BBS messages without being connected to a computer?  I thought it had enough internal memory to store BBS messages.  Is there a way to flush the serial buffer when a computer isn't connected?  Maybe I misunderstand the BBS ON option.

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