External GPS Antenna for TM-D710G ?


I, and others for me, solved the WxNow and Weather data issue.
So now I was trying to figure out how strong or IF the D710G is receiving any GPS Sats.

I "Think" I have the window open. Its got a Compass Rose then two parallel lines horizontal.
On one of those lines, a number and a square pops up sometimes. Then it all goes back to just the two parallel lines.
I take this to mean I am not really receiving any GPS Sats with sufficient sig-strength.
Upper right of the D710G screen is BCON iG&W .

So, that GPS(& Wx) 2.5mm jack on the Control Head ....can I plug an external GPS antenna into that so that the Rig will receive GPS?
And, was that screen with the compass-rose, the one that shows Sig-Strength on GPS Sats? My D710G manual, though many pages of foreign languages, did NOT cover the GPS are all to well.

The D710G is sitting about a foot from an outside, south facing, window. It is hardly convenient to hold the control-head next to the window panes.


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