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David Erickson - AB0R

On 5/23/2021 6:25 PM, Joshua KJ7LVZ wrote:
Thanks, David.  APRS on the TM-V71A was my first intro to FM Packet.  I didn't want to buy a Mobilinkd so I built one.  I didn't want to buy a cable, so I built one.  The bonus is, the DIN cable I bought had the same connector on both ends so I chopped it in the middle and build the other side into an audio cable for my FT-891.  I use a Samsung Tab 3 for APRS in the truck most of the time.  I'm trying to branch out into more packet stuff which has let me here.  Since I already have the KISS TNC and TM-V71A in one truck, I want to be able to use that setup.  The unit base is under my seat so changing cables isn't convenient.  I could build another adapter to a USB sound card and separate PTT line if it comes to that but I'd like to keep the bluetooth TNC interface for convenience.
So, sounds like we have the same setup.  When I was on a drive and tuned to 145.010, APRS Droid decoded a digipeater beacon for packet work and that's what got me interested.  APRS is cool but I'd like to actually connect with people over packet.  Almost no one responds to messages through APRS.  It's a shame because APRS was intended for situational awareness, not just vehicle tracking.  I send out traffic bulletins from time to time on 144.390.

I agree it's a shame that APRS messaging isn't more widely used. I suppose it the chicken and the egg problem since most APRS radios are a nightmare to try and message through. Perhaps the next gen radios will feature built in BT TNC's for easier interfacing.

We have a handful here that message somewhat and I was recently contacted via APRS messaging by a ham in Turkey.

Thank was neat!

Have a good one.

Dave Erickson

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