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David Erickson - AB0R

On 5/23/2021 4:45 PM, Joshua KJ7LVZ wrote:
The reason I fell into Simple KISS from BPQ is that it made sense to me but I'm new to this so that doesn't mean much.  I want to create connected mode sessions to interact with BBS's, Winlink, chat, and other things I come across.  I also want to send out beacons and bulletins through unconnected packets.  I don't have an Elmer and the interwebs hasn't been very clear on these things so I have had to hack through it on my own.  You have given me the most information yet.  I've saved the links/documents you have shared and I'm reading through them.
It looks like JNOS does what I want.  I'm going to download your "linpac" software to see how it does.  I started with BPQ32 because I saw it mentioned a lot.  For practice and experimentation I will be running a BPQ32 node in my truck on a Pi/TM-V71A and connecting to it through a my TM-D710G TNC and probably a Pi as well.  My main truck for travel has the V71A, my offroader has the D710G.  When I travel and want to make a packet connection, I'll want to use my V71A so I need to get comfortable with making connections though the Pi (ie. Linux.).
I do like the V71A a lot.  It was my first ham radio and it is still probably my favorite.  I got the 710G to play with packet radio a little more.  I have a FTM-400 but didn't like it.  Too much bling, not enough function.  At home I have a TM-281.  If I setup a node permanently, I will probably use one of them.  It's a good analog radio, affordable, and 65 watts.  I can hack a cable together to run packet via a Pi.
Good info, thanks for the references and information.
Hi Joshua,

I didn't follow this real close but when I saw you mention the TMV71 it make me take note.

I too had some surprises when trying to connect to the TNC in my 710. I have since put the 710 in my daily driver and use the TMV71 in the shack for repeaters and APRS.

I have been quite happy using a Mobilinkd TNC (v2) with APRSdroid on my Galaxy S20 Ultra. (You could also use a cheap tablet off amazon) It works quite well and you can get the cable to plug it right into the audio port on the back of the radio from Mobilinkd.

This isn't a perfect solution for a digipeater or similar but it's great for letting my friends know I'm on the air and what frequency I'm on ATM.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Have a good one.

Dave Erickson

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