Re: TNC Quirks

Joshua KJ7LVZ

The reason I fell into Simple KISS from BPQ is that it made sense to me but I'm new to this so that doesn't mean much.  I want to create connected mode sessions to interact with BBS's, Winlink, chat, and other things I come across.  I also want to send out beacons and bulletins through unconnected packets.  I don't have an Elmer and the interwebs hasn't been very clear on these things so I have had to hack through it on my own.  You have given me the most information yet.  I've saved the links/documents you have shared and I'm reading through them.  

It looks like JNOS does what I want.  I'm going to download your "linpac" software to see how it does.  I started with BPQ32 because I saw it mentioned a lot.  For practice and experimentation I will be running a BPQ32 node in my truck on a Pi/TM-V71A and connecting to it through a my TM-D710G TNC and probably a Pi as well.  My main truck for travel has the V71A, my offroader has the D710G.  When I travel and want to make a packet connection, I'll want to use my V71A so I need to get comfortable with making connections though the Pi (ie. Linux.). 

I do like the V71A a lot.  It was my first ham radio and it is still probably my favorite.  I got the 710G to play with packet radio a little more.  I have a FTM-400 but didn't like it.  Too much bling, not enough function.  At home I have a TM-281.  If I setup a node permanently, I will probably use one of them.  It's a good analog radio, affordable, and 65 watts.  I can hack a cable together to run packet via a Pi.

Good info, thanks for the references and information.

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