Re: TNC Quirks

Joshua KJ7LVZ

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 06:13 PM, David Ranch wrote:
Hello Joshua,

When you say "handheld", what radio was this?  If you say Baofeng, I won't be surprised it didn't work well.
One was a Baofeng, one was a Retevis.  I'm only a little surprised since I have a Baofeng setup as a bi-directional iGate and it functions perfectly in that role.  

That's strange to hear it wouldn't accept a connection from the same callsign but a different SSID.  That *should* work.  Are you sure you're running the newest version of the D710 TNC firmware?
I don't see a TNC firmware update on Kenwood's software update page, just the main body and the control head updates.  Also, the release notes don't mention anything consequential.  However, both my main body and control head are two software versions behind.  I'll have to use my work computer to handle the update since Kenwood's update software only works on Windows.  

When you say "Mobilinkd style TNC", is this some simple PIC based Bell 202 TNC?  Those can work but their performance isn't all that great.  Since you're a Mac user, consider trying out Direwolf.  It runs natively on the Mac and it's performance is practically unbeaten by any other hardware or software TNC out there:

This also works very well on Linux with hardware like Raspberry Pis, etc.  I have a document for that too:  :-)

Anyway..that's all food for future though.  Glad to hear you got things working!


The Mobilinkd style TNC is a TNC I built using Mobilinkd's schematics and instructions.  It is an Atmel 328P communicating with an HC-05 bluetooth serial adapter exactly like the Mobilinkd.  I have a few photos of building it here:

I am using Direwolf on my iGate and I use it for my HF pi.  The iGate uses a GPIO pin for PTT and the HF rig uses CAT over FLRIG for PTT.  I haven't really considered it for my Mac since I would have to build another cable to access my USB sound card dongle and then I would not have a good PTT solution.  Also, I haven't found that Direwolf has a front end that will emulate a normal TNC like BPQ's Simple KISS does.  If you know of a way it would work, I'm willing to give it a try. 

But in reality, I don't know of a reason my D710G needs to receive an incoming connection request.  I imagine I will always initiate the request FROM the 710.

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