Digipeating MY CALLSIGN TH-D74a to TM-D710G

Charles Jessee

I often hike with a KWD TH-D74a running APRS SmartBeaconing. Where there is no/little digipeater coverge, I’d like to park my car at the trailhead and use my KWD TM-D710G to pick up my 5W TH-D74a beacon and digipeat it out.

I looked at some older D700 information below that refers to the ability to digipeat MY CALLSIGN only, which is definitely what I want to do. As N4SRN-7 portable (TH-D74a), will my N4SRN configuration portable (TM-D710G) digipeat, or will I have to match the -SSID too?

also, that 2014 D-700 information notes "UIFLOOD TEMP: This setting should be set permanently in all D700
radios via the serial port to support backup TEMPn-N DIGIPEATING.

I thought that might be accessible via the MCP-6a app but I don’t see it under the Radio Settings. Is there another way to set that via PC or otherwise?

Elsewhere, someone advises that, if my D710G is N4SRN-1 then my D74a be set to path N4SRN-2,RELAY,WIDE1-1

Any advice appreciated!



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