Re: TNC Quirks

David Ranch

Hello Joshua,

First, the handheld(s) I was using wasn't quick enough and wasn't doing a good job at receiving packets

When you say "handheld", what radio was this?  If you say Baofeng, I won't be surprised it didn't work well.

I moved my KISS TNC from a handheld to my TM-V71A and I stopped losing packets.  Second, the TM-D710G wasn't accepting a connection request from its own callsign, even with a different SSID.  I used my wife's callsign for one of the radios and the connection was established on the first try.  So, #1 has been solved.

That's strange to hear it wouldn't accept a connection from the same callsign but a different SSID.  That *should* work.  Are you sure you're running the newest version of the D710 TNC firmware?

Since I want to be able to use my TM-V71A with packet radio also and I currently have a homemade Mobilinkd style TNC connected to it for APRS, I decided to try a TNC emulator with that setup.  I use a MacBook as my laptop and that has hindered me greatly but where there is a will, there is a guy who will spend his whole weekend making a way.  I now use a Raspberry Pi Zero W running linBPQ and G8BPQ's Simple KISS configuration.  I connect to the Pi over wifi, SSH into it, start the emulator, open another SSH terminal, start a minicom terminal, and use that as my TNC interface.  It's quite a software dance but it seems to work!

When you say "Mobilinkd style TNC", is this some simple PIC based Bell 202 TNC?  Those can work but their performance isn't all that great.  Since you're a Mac user, consider trying out Direwolf.  It runs natively on the Mac and it's performance is practically unbeaten by any other hardware or software TNC out there:

This also works very well on Linux with hardware like Raspberry Pis, etc.  I have a document for that too:  :-)

Anyway..that's all food for future though.  Glad to hear you got things working!


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