TNC Quirks

Joshua KJ7LVZ

I am a couple decades behind for packet radio (apart from APRS) but I'm having fun anyway.  I have a TM-D710G and I connect to its TNC through my Macbook and an RT Systems serial to USB converter.  It's simple to connect to the TNC through the Mac's Screen program and I am able to connect to another radio I have setup and enter converse mode.  However, I'm running into so quirks I can't overcome.

1. I establish a connection from the Kenwood (KJ7LVZ-9) to the handheld (KJ7LVZ-2) which is connected to a Raspberry Pi running linBPQ and Simple KISS.  But when I try and connect to KJ7LVZ-9 from KJ7LVZ-2, I get no response.  The Kenwood never transmits; never responds to the connect request.  CONOK is set to ON on both TNCs.  Can't figure that one out.

2. When I am trying to write a message on the Kenwood using the W command, it's all fine and dandy until I want to exit the body using (return), (CTRL+C), (return).  All I get is new lines, the message never finishes.  The only way for me to exit the message is to restart the TNC.  

3. What's the importance of PACLEN?  The TNC on the handheld defaults to 236 even though I have the config file set to 128 and the Kenwood defaults to 128.  They connect fine with different PACLENs.  I can set them the same and everything is still kosher.

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