Re: TN-D710E capacitor replacement


Hi agn. Found a bit of a free time tdy and managed to complete the cap job (I still need to put together the TM-D710). Here are some pics. Hot air didn't work in the end, I believe I covered too much area around the cap with Kapton tape (out of fear!). It would not reflow at 350°C (660°F) no matter what. The size of pads are also extremely tiny compared to ones on my test boards (would not heat up, probably). So, I cleaned up with isop, steadied my hand and held the cap on the board (by far the most diff part of the job probably), used a bit of flux, the iron and voila - see pics. Tnx all. I'll probably come back once I'll put together the TM-D710 with some feedback.

Overall pic

Joint view

Matchstick head next to the cap

73, regards de J, MØIPU YOЗFCA

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