Re: TN-D710E capacitor replacement


Hi Leo. Tnx for info. I have managed to decode what type of cap is, ceramic multilayer, ±5%, SMD 0402. 56pF, 50V. I have done few trials on a test board and successfully soldered few caps of this size under the microscope using hot air. It's crazy. They are under 1mm I believe. If you see them on the wking table you'd think they are specs of dust... I haven't soldered the TM-D710 one as I have run out of free time and also haven't felt that well recently. Maybe next week. 
Unfortunately Kenwood/JVC doesn't easy to decode their part nrs. I would assume, for a trained eye, it's not a problem. With Panasonic for ex, on the other hand, if you ever type one of their part nr in Google you will find a lot of info, specs etc. 
73 regards de J, MØIPU YOЗFCA

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