Re: TM-D700 powering itself off

Randy Allen

I had a similar issue years ago, but it was with a D-700 in a truck, with the attendant vibrations.  Fix was re-doing the power connector on the power cable feeding the radio for a tighter connection.

So if  nothing else, I'd look at the power connectors to make sure they are tight and maybe clean their contacts.

Hope this helps


Randy KA0AZS

On 12/10/2020 13:52, Peter wrote:
Lately my D700 has started powering itself off.  Radio is in shack, powered by good PS.  I hear the speaker pop as if the power button has been touched and the radio powers itself down.  Yesterday heard the "pop" from the speaker and turned around in time to see the display go out.  

Radio is APRS mode with 30min TX interval, no GPS attached as POS is known in shack.

I looked around for "Power off" subjects in the list an don't immediately see anyone with the same concern.

Is there a known issue that could be contributing to this?  Radio was purchased in approx. 2006/2007 and used by my father until is passing in 2015.  I've had it in the shack next to my TS-480 since then with no other issues.  

I do leave a RT-Systems USB cable attached as I use the radio for WINLINK and that stays attached to the laptop.  Potential issue there?

Any insight would be appreciated!

73 Peter VE1PS/VE9NPS


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