Re: Where's the [STEP] button?

Steve Matzura

Thanks so very much for this info. This is most *MOST* valuable. I actually figured it out last night, but by trial and error. That may sound silly considering all I had to do was look at the display, but there's, well, a kind-of sort-of detail I left out--I'm doing this being totally blind. That doesn't affect anything else about the operation of the radio since I have the VS-3 voice chip in it, but I figured the [F] button *MUST* change *SOMETHING*, so I started poking around. When I got to the fourth button from the left (or third from the right if you like counting from the right), that one became the [STEP] button, which of course matches perfectly with what you wrote. I also have the PDF which I can read accessibly and will check out those pages for an apparently much-needed refresher on these controlss. ;-)!

On 11/3/2020 10:53 PM, Randy Allen wrote:

Looking at page 16 of them Manual (Page 22 of the PDF) you press the function key to change the soft key assignments of the keys along the bottom of the display.

Depending on how you have the menus set up, you might either have to press the [F] Key once to bring up the set of buttons that include Step, or press and hold the [F] key for 1 second to get to the third tier.

The defaults are: F Tone REV Low Mute CTRL


Press [F]  1 second  FOFF List PMON BCON POS

(Mine is set up so that the APRS functions are the primary those are the ones I use the most daily.  I almost never program a frequency on the go except during an ARES drill or public service event.  Which set of buttons is in which tier is controlled by Menu 1-1-5, Display, KEY FUNC.  Default is Mode 1.  I use Mode 3)

I don't know if the group will pass it, but I put a screen print below from my manual

Hope this helps


Randy KA0AZS

On 11/3/2020 15:45, Steve Matzura wrote:
I've owned my TM-D700A for probably fifteen years now, but have never needed to change the default step size ... until now. The manual says:

1 Press the left or right [BAND SEL] to select band A or
• If necessary, press [F], then the same [BAND SEL] to
recall the sub-band.
2 Press [VFO].
3 Press [F], [STEP].
• The current step size appears and blinks.
4 Press [c]/ [d] to select the desired step size.


I've looked through the PDF, I've looked at the control head when in VFO mode, looked at the buttons on the microphone, but cannot figure this one out. Fifteen years, and I don't know where the STEP button is? H'mmm.

Thanks in advance.

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