Re: Looking for a better mic suggestion

Randy Allen

Hmm, I've owned at least one of these radios for almost 20 years and never had any issue with the supplied MC-53 mics or received any bad signal reports.  (I currently have 3 in the family, one each in my XYL and Harmonic vehicles, and one in my go-kit).

When I inherited a TM-D710A I was somewhat miffed that the microphone supplied with the 710 did not include the user programmable function buttons.  I promptly put the D710 Mic in my go-kit (on the assumption that the D700 would be used in a fixed/portable location during deployment) and put the D700 mic on my 710 in the truck to have access to the Programmable buttons in mobile use.

So,  since you don't seem worried about the control functions, you might look at the one that comes with the D710 (MC-59),  I can attest it is entirely interchangeable.

Hope this helps.


Randy KA0AZS

On 11/3/2020 15:49, Steve Matzura wrote:
As any owner of this radio learned after about a minute of using it, the control microphone with which the package comes is not a stellar performer. It has its own distinctive sound, and since I'm using my radio a lot more than I have over the pat five years, I'd like to replace it. I realize that by replacing it, I'll probably lose the functions of the control pad, but I can probably live with that. Any suggestions for stock (no rewiring required) replacements?


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