Re: Where's the [STEP] button?

Rich Cite Tow

I've got a TM-D710GA, not an D700A. My manual says:

Select VFO mode (press the VFO button on the left side of the display)
Enter Menu Mode (for 710, Press the F key and the channel select knob)
Rotate the channel select knob to RX/TX and press the knob
Rotate the channel select knob to menu 101 - Step size
Rotate the channel select knob to your desired step size
Press back and escape to retain the new setting.

I know your radio is different. The reason I sent this is if you can get into your menu, you should be able to find the step size menu. I don't think its a button.
Good luck
Rotate the channel select knob to view/select the step size.

On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 2:14 PM Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
I've owned my TM-D700A for probably fifteen years now, but have never
needed to change the default step size ... until now. The manual says:

1 Press the left or right [BAND SEL] to select band A or
• If necessary, press [F], then the same [BAND SEL] to
recall the sub-band.
2 Press [VFO].
3 Press [F], [STEP].
• The current step size appears and blinks.
4 Press [c]/ [d] to select the desired step size.


I've looked through the PDF, I've looked at the control head when in VFO
mode, looked at the buttons on the microphone, but cannot figure this
one out. Fifteen years, and I don't know where the STEP button is? H'mmm.

Thanks in advance.

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