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Joseph LaFerla

Hi Joey


Thanks for getting back.  Actually that was the question I had that I perhaps did not phrase correctly.   I could not find any audio gain settings in the D700.  I am surprised that the 710 has audio gain settings but not the D700.  However I obtained a deviation meter the other day and, if I read it correctly, it gave me about 3 Khz.  I went into the D700 alignment menu and raised the deviation closer to 5.  I am today going to check on my packet path.


What do you mean by list?  Should we put this back to the list?  I will post my deviation findings on the list.





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Hi Joe,

Then I have reached my limit.

I own D710s and was running YAAC as the receiver of off-air APRS packets and independent GPS data.

Does the D700 have audio gain settings as does the D710?

Perhaps low deviation out of the 700?

Wish I could help more.




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