Re: Cannot transmit with D700a using TNC PKT

R. Patrick Ryan

I understand 
When you want to use the TM-D700 internal TNC, you must switch from APRS mode to PKT mode on the radio.
Then power off the radio and controlling computer, connect the data cable to both, then power up the computer.
Power up the radio as you load the program of choice, preferably a simple terminal program.
The internal TNC might not be in Command mode, so type and send <CTRL C> to TNC to ensure it is in command mode.
Type DISPlay command
. The TNC should respond with the TNC Command list and current settings for each command,
   Type MYCall with a space then your Callsign followed with return key to enter
FYI after this, send the letter "k" to switch TNC to Converse mode and send "test" while watching radio display
for transmit.
If this does not work (radio transmits), you may have a setting on serial flow control wrong in your computer, or a bad cable.
73 de Pat

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On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 12:50 PM Joseph LaFerla <joe@...> wrote:
I am trying to use my d700a with yaac or another aprs program to receive and transmit aprs packets.  Everything is set correctly and I can receive packets correctly.  However I cannot transmit.  The software is set up correctly but my beacon does not get transmitted, neither can I transmit if I hit the transmit button.  Is there some special setting that I have to set in my radio to enable transmission of packets?  This is only apparently a problem if I use the built-in tnc because if I connect an external tnc everything works fine. 

I would appreciate any help to get me going.  Thanks in advance.


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