Re: Cannot connect tmd700a with yaac

Randy Allen

I assume since you mentioned the hardware flow control of the com port, you also ensured that the com port is also set to 9600 to match the radio and YAAC ?  I mention it as I've messed that up in the past.

Is there a possibility of something else is already using the com port?

And going back to basics, YAAC is trying to open the com port the cable is connected to? 

(I'd be embarrassed to tell how many times I missed this when trouble shooting.  I'm sure that Murphy comes in behind me to change settings when I'm not looking).

What operating system are you using?

Hope this helps


Randy KA0AZS

On 9/23/2020 09:58, Joseph LaFerla wrote:
I am trying to connect my tmd700a with my aprs client yaac and am getting an error message that the com port cannot open.  I have a straight through rs232 cable connecting the radio to the computer as mentioned in the manual.  I have hardware flow control selected in the com port, the radio and yaac.  I have 9600 selected in both the radio and yaac.  When I try to enable the port, I get a java error saying "Unable to open serial port" .  I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. 

I have even tried a null modem cable just in case but that does not work.  I am sure I must be missing something obvious.  Any thoughts would be welcome.  Thanks in advance.



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