Re: Mobile SatGate Issue

Frank J Rossi Jr

R. Patrick Ryan
Wow Thanks for all the Research.
I wish all the links would work. Most went to WB4APR's site.
He needs a Master APRS Site to put everything in one place.
This should be archived somewhere for future use.
I have an Early D-700's and it has been running great installed in the 4th vehicle.

Was looking at my Kenwood memory file, the last time I had plugged my old Dell Lattitude into my D-700 was 2016.
I have Hyperterm for changing TNC settings and Programming with the Kenwood Memory Program on an old Win XP Laptop.
It took me a couple hours to remove the old expired Antivirus that locked it in a loop and made it useless.
But for Mobile Packet and Programming, and our Club had a Winlink site up and running for Ham Radio E-Mail,
The old Laptop does fine. No Packet around here anymore.

Going to give it a try this evening and see if the SatGate works.
Thanks for all your time.
N3FLR - Frank J Rossi Jr  AEC Westmoreland County FN00df

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