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R. Patrick Ryan

Hi again, Fraank N3FLR
Been researching your problem with being a SGate, The irony is that this TM-D700 radio has been around for several decades now, and the old APRSIG has been archived.
Anyway, found some links, but are dead now, so will just throw the copied text out that I had cribbed long ago here,  below, or  attached.
I could do more for you personally if you could copy the radio's TNC settings and the separate APRS memory settings as they  are now, and post here but will keep it online for others who may wish to follow your lead in support of Sgate while your mobile is parked..
     First put the radio in the Program Mode (PM 5?) you want to use as a SatGate mode, and then  attach a Win computer to run the Kenwood radio MCP**.exe for your TM-D700. to read the radio memory and APRS page settings of that current SGate Program Mode  (PM status) into the MCP program  and then save as a MCP file, like SGate-as-is.700 file.   
NOTE: as I recall, each PM # 1-5 must be saved separately by selecting the PM on the radio, saving each with the Kenwood program  Five times, (PM off is default, I think, but make a copy as PM off.700 file)  
  Next, you could run a simple packet program to read the TNC settings of the radio. With the radio menu keys, switch out of APRS mode to PKT Mode, and issue the TNC built in a DISPLAY command and save all the TNC settings to a *.txt file  NOTE: Control C sets the TNC to command mode.
NOTE The radio Menu settings will change SOME TNC settings, but not ALL
Second is to run  the Kenwood radio MCP**.exe for your TM-D700.
R. Patrick Ryan
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On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 10:15 PM Frank J Rossi Jr <n3flr1@...> wrote:
I still have not figured out why my Mobile SatGate quit working.
It is receiving everything from the ISS, just not forwarding to the terrestrial APRS Network. Squelch is Closed.
I had my Kenwood D-700 since they first started making them. One time in the shop for blown internal fuse and to get updates.
Very reliable radio since. I even have the aftermarket keyboard interface hooked up to it.

It use to be kinda standard years ago that when you parked your vehicle during the day, You switch it over to Mobile SatGate mode, because at that time there was little to No SatGates.

Basically it would transmit all APRS data that came down from the ISS to the local Terrestrial APRS system. Use to work back then.
I gave all the ISS modes in different PM locations for quick switch over.
Over the years something changed in the ISS, equipment went down and for a while there was no APRS,
New Radio then installed in the Russian module and I am not sure what is going on now.

I need to go over all my Kenwood Internal TNC settings to make sure they are correct. I did have it set up as a Full Time DIGD for a short time,
so I did make a change to the 2 settings with a laptop for regular DIGI.
I am trying to remember if it was WB4APR or someone else that promoted setting most of your PM's to ISS Modes. Great Idea actually for quick switch over.

Anyway it does not seem like many are using Mobile SatGate anymore.
Anyone have all the Kenwood D-700 TNC settings for Mobile SatGate out there ?
Thanks in advance.
N3FLR - Frank

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