Re: D700 or D710?

John Dinneen

I use 2 D710GA (internal built in GPS) - heads remote and fastened together in back with plastic plate using 3x8 mm screws.
Cupholder stand with PVC pipe & angle bends.
Mount can also swivel/tilt to face driver, center or passenger.

Both internal GPS units function fine in this location.

John F Dinneen KCØL
Home: 469.362.1942
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Well that's even better than I thought!


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I have the D710AG model and the GPS is built into the remote control head.
As long as you stick it up on the dash or somewhere it has access to the GPS signal, there is no extra GPS antenna to install or mount.

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX

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I have both a TM-D700A (currently installed mobile) and a D710A (not

Wire-wise, the 710 does not appear to be substantially different than


If you buy the 710GA (or 710AG, whatever it is), with the built-in
GPS, then
would seem to simplify the GPS part of the installation. Rather than have to mount and run GPS wires separately, I guess you only have to place the rig's GPS antenna appropriately and then run the GPS antenna wire back to the main body.

Not having to fool with a separate GPS receiver would seem to be a plus.

Just my .02 worth.

Larry J. Ford

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Subject: [TMD700A] D700 or D710?

I’m looking for advice concerning a choice between my old D700 and a new

I'm getting a new car and plan to install one of these 2 radios in it. The
D700 still works fine, so I could use it. But would the D710 be better?

in the last car, I put the radio body in an underfloor rear storage
compartment. I pulled power from a nearby fuse box and ran mic, speaker and
control head wires under the carpet to the driver’s seat area, where I had
installed the control head. I ran antenna feed and GPS wires out the rear
hatch. It all worked well and made for a tidy/hidden install, but it was quite
a bit of work to run and hide all the wires/cables.

I’m wondering if a new D710 might be easier to install and just as tidy in
the next car (SUV). Any thoughts?

Ralph NM5RM

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