Re: D700 or D710?

Steve (KS1G)

Unless money spent on the radio is an issue, go with a current radio, you can still get accessories and software upgrades.  One caveat on the D710G is if your intended mounting for the control head blocks/limits GPS reception, then an older 710 (what I have) with external GPS may be preferable.  I have no 1st-hand experience with the 710G, so owners are free to clarify if this is even a problem and if the 710G can accept an external GPS input.  

New cars may have limited locations to install a radio; the detachable control head helps.  I have mine mounted on a cup holder mount with a short flexible gooseneck.


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The D710 has upgradeable (when Kenwood releases any) firmware.  The D700 is stuck with what it has…




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I’m looking for advice concerning a choice between my old D700 and a new D710.  

I'm getting a new car and plan to install one of these 2 radios in it. The D700 still works fine, so I could use it. But would the D710 be better?

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