D700 or D710?

Ralph Milnes

I’m looking for advice concerning a choice between my old D700 and a new D710.  

I'm getting a new car and plan to install one of these 2 radios in it. The D700 still works fine, so I could use it. But would the D710 be better?

in the last car, I put the radio body in an underfloor rear storage compartment. I pulled power from a nearby fuse box and ran mic, speaker and control head wires under the carpet to the driver’s seat area, where I had installed the control head. I ran antenna feed and GPS wires out the rear hatch. It all worked well and made for a tidy/hidden install, but it was quite a bit of work to run and hide all the wires/cables. 

I’m wondering if a new D710 might be easier to install and just as tidy in the next car (SUV). Any thoughts?

Ralph NM5RM

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