Re: TMD710A memory question

Bill Mader

The manual is the best place to start!  I own several TM-D710A's.  I have programmed them into the ten possible banks for the entire State of New Mexico plus a bit of surrounding States I am likely to visit.  I broke NM into nine geographical areas and saved the tenth bank for APRS (channel 999) plus many other non-ham frequencies I might want to monitor in contingencies.  I can scan any of the ten groups on one "side" while I use APRS on the other.

You cannot listen to any VHF frequency on one side while APRS is transmitting.  That should be obvious since any two 2m frequencies are too close together.  However, APRS only transmits when "necessary" and most often infrequently.  If you make a turn and the radio recognizes that turn, It will send a new beacon.  If you're listening on 2m on another frequency, you'll lose that tiny piece of information while the other side sends the new APRS beacon.

The key is to RTFM!  You may need to do that.  "Help" from others may or may not be helpful although for the most part it is, especially in these groups.  Other sites have lots of information is that is simply false.  Such as it is in our scientific avocation where opinions of myths outnumber facts.
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