Re: TMD710A memory question

Rich Cite Tow

check out the manual. The tm-d710ga has 5 programmable memories. each memory can hold 5 frequencies...

On Aug 8, 2020, at 12:56, Anon Anon <lecontejoe@...> wrote:

I'm looking at jumping several generations ahead in technology and replacing my old faithful Yaseu FT7900 dual-band FM transceiver with the TMD710A.

I assume the 710A has the capability of storing memories in what Yaesu calls "banks"; don't know the Kenwood term.  In My FT7900, i have one bank for local repeaters, another that includes all 2-mtr repeater freqs, another for local public service, etc..

I'd like to set up the 710A -- assuming I buy one -- with the following memory  arrangement.

--  One memory bank that is solely APRS.  When I use this memory, the rig will switch to APRS, beacon my location, including a message that I am listening on 146.52.  If I do this, how do I listen on 146.52 while the rig is beaconing on 144.39?

--  One memory bank that is solely my local repeater freqs, 2-mtr and 430.

-- One memory bank with every 2-mtr repeater freq, and, another bank with every 430 repeater freq

-- One bank with my local public service freqs -- 1554 - 159 Mhz.  I'm on the local volunteer fire department and rescue squad and need to scan these freqs, even though I carry a Motorola handheld for public service communications.

On the old FT7900, I select Memory Bank 1 and all I hear is local repeaters; Memory Bank 4 is only local public service, etc. .   Can I do the same with the TMD710A?



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