Re: Best Way to Change Configurations TM-D710G?

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL <n8acl@...>

LOL what Mike said….

I have 4 PM’s set up in my 700 - 2 for APRS around town (one for day mode at full screen brightness and one for night mode with a dimmed screen brightness) nd 2 for APRS when I travel (same modes). 

Program what frequencies you need and then configure the radio for use with Winlink and save it to a PM. Then turn off the PM and configure for APRS and see to the next PM. Make sure that is off and set it up for your next configuration and save to a PM.

That way when you need Winlink, turn that PM on and the radio configures itself. Need APRS? Turn on that PM and the radio configures it self. 

It doesn’t;t change the channel programming (that can be done front panel or via the software), but that is why you would want to store all the frequencies you might need.


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On Aug 5, 2020, at 11:34 AM, Mike Rees <n6yskmike@...> wrote:

Use the PM memories. 

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 08:12 Charles Jessee <cbjesseeNH@...> wrote:
I use my TM-D710G for numerous purposes, including APRS & Winlink. At present, I have different configuration files saved in the MCP-6A memory control program directory and download those to my radio as needed. Is there a better way? My TH-D74a has an onboard miniSD card to make this method easy but not the TM-D710G.



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