Re: D700A help with ribbon cable connector

Joseph LaFerla

HI Leo

After a very long wait looking for part numbers and parts, I have finally been able to get the connector soldered in place.  I first contacted Kenwood USA who gave me the part number and that I could get it through East Coast Transistor and Parts. I sent the radio to a local repair shop since the connector is smd and very tiny.  The repair shop guy tells me that, once the connector was soldered in, the radio immediately powered up and the tnc now works.  So it would seem that something in the bootloader goes around looking for each component and will hang until it finds everything.  Although it took much longer, especially since I live in Canada, I preferred to wait until the exact replacement part was received rather than getting one from Digikey.  I actually bought two connectors and will keep one as spare just in case.

Thanks for your help and suggestions to all who provided input.  


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