Re: Looking for Computer control software for the TM-D710G


On 7/21/2020 22:10, Emory Haines wrote:
Anyone know of software to control the TM-D710G?  
Thank you  73  Emory  WM3M
While "not really control", I am using APRSIS32, ONLY the development
version please, to interact with the APRS side of D7120GA I own.

I mean, unlike using DXLabSuite's 'Commander', to change mode(s) and
QRG, APRSIS32 can't do that ... and Commander can't seem to do anything
or talk to the D710. And I love thge DxLabSuite stuff.

Also, I own Packet-Engine-Pro which reads and decodes the 'External Data
Output' of the D710Ga here. That and UISS will allow work through the ISS.

But still, it isn't the 'Control' which you are asking about.

As I 'mostly' use the D710 for APRS, I am getting along, but would
prefer the control too.

Prolly, the CAT interface from the Kenwood and the dual-band ops, might
make it a nightmare for the overworked programmer of DxLabSuite ...
considering the DxLabSuite is freeware. I am a former programmer of
intercept and analysis equipment and , in a way, can sympathize with
him. The difference was, I was compensated for hours of work ,, hi hi .


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