Re: Unable to make D710GA Group or Program Scan work


On 7/18/2020 01:02, Mark Wolff wrote:
Good evening Bob -

Presume you are referring to Sec 4 / Scan as the PDF mentioned?  Your
description suggests you are executing a "MHz scan"?

I DO have the complete, sectioned, Instruction PDF you mentioned.

So after re-looking, I noticed during a Scan that the Step-Size was
incorrectly 12.5Kc ... this, it turns out, was programmed into one of
the VFO-Screens. Even tho 25KC was in the memories table. So I changed
all the VFO-tabs to be 25Khz.

Then a form of VFO scan started.

Next I notice that I AM on the correct Band ...namely 118MHz band.

HOWEVER, a scan starts at 118 and goers as for as 129.975 then restarts
at 118.025 again.

This appears to mimic a Limit-Memories L0-U0 selection.

Since it isn't possible to link all the Limit-Memories, I can't get past
a VFO Scan of being tied to Limit-Memories.

You worked that one out?

There were, for my Locale, two or three frequencies that seemed to be a
modulated single tone that was both strong as well as constant. So I
tried to split up the limit-memories.

In any event, according to VFO-Scan, If I put myself (VFO, on anything
in the 118 Band, which ostensibly goes through 136 MHZ, that I should
scan 118 to 1`36 ....according to VFO Scan ...


cuz it "ain't" doing that.

hopefully two memory-tables from my D710 will come through. A pix is
worth a thousand words ...


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