Re: Unable to make D710GA Group or Program Scan work

Mark Wolff

Good evening Bob - Coincidently, I just stumbled across the detailed 710 instruction manual on CD that I lost some time back. Mine is an earlier 710A but assume it works the same in Scan mode as the G model.

Presume you are referring to Sec 4 / Scan as the PDF mentioned?  Your description suggests you are executing a "MHz scan"?  Page "Scan-3 " depicts the somewhat detailed steps for a "Program Scan" using a pre-programmed pair of low to high frequencies (Lx to Ux where x is an integer from 0 to 9).  If you don't have this document, happy to send you a copy?



On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 9:31 PM KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...> wrote:
I am pretty much certain that I have carefully read the Scan section of the D710 PDF.

When I try to scan, all I get is scan through whatever frequency I am on. ....118.5 (from a lower-limit) .
I will only see the last of three numerals, blink, and the scan goes through only that MHz range ... I am interested in a L0 through U0, in the Aircraft band L0=118.00 and U0=121.400

I see the "1" then scan thru 121.0 to 121.975'ish then repeat.

any help?


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