Re: GPS Unit for D710A

Frank J Rossi Jr

I just put a new GPS on my D-700 about 3 months ago.
This is the best Bang for the $.
GlobalSat BR-355 BR-355 Serial GPS Receiver.  (There is 2 versions, Make sure it is the Serial Version)

And this is how I power it.
BINZET DC Converter Step Down Regulator 5V Regulated Power Supplies Transformer Converter (5V 3A 15W)

Just cut the end off the plug, 4 wires.
5v+, Ground, GPS In, GPS Out.

Very low power consumption, I leave it powered 24/7, in my Truck.
RX is very sensitive, it has a magnet back on it and I just stuck it on the top of my radio.
Locks on the SATS quick.

So for $47.54 you can replace your GPS for a Kenwood D-700

N3FLR - Frank

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