Re: TM-D710A won't unlock

Eric Stoddart

I'm not near my radio but I think it it's tap [F] once then press [F] (1s) needs to be in function mode to unlock.

Eric K8ERS

On Jun 29, 2020, at 1:08 AM, Scott Honaker <scott.n7ss@...> wrote:
My D710 appears locked.  The panel shows it's locked and all the panel and mike buttons and knobs beep when pressed or turned.  This implies two things; it's locked and all the buttons (including knob presses) are operational.  I often lock my radio so this is no surprise.  The problem is I can't get it to unlock.

The manual says - Press [F] (1S) to turn the transceiver key lock function ON and OFF.

I've tried pressing and holding that button for a range of times with no luck.

The Troubleshooting section has an additional hint about Channel Display mode and recommends - With the transceiver power OFF, press [LOW] + Power ON to exit Channel Display mode.

Again no luck.  Reset is a thought but all the options I found require getting into the menu.  I was even able to access the radio via software and reprogrammed it, hoping it would come out of lock mode.  Nope.  It now only has three memory channels but is still locked.


Scott N7SS

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