D700A help with ribbon cable connector

Joseph LaFerla


While I was servicing my venerable D700A, I inadvertently broke the ribbon cable connector on the main rxtx board which connects to the tnc board,  I checked with pacparts.com and they do stock the ribbon cable but not the connector.  They tell me that the part number is G11-2603-04.  It appears on the 700A board that there are two rows of pads where the connector would solder onto.  Alternatively, if this connector is unavailable, is it possible to hardwire the main and tnc boards?  I do not know if all 28 pins are actually connected.  My 700A refuses to boot and displays "Resetting please wait" in the display window.

A related question would be whether the ribbon cable connector for the D710 is the same as the one for the D700A.  I would imagine it is.  

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and 73


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