D-700 as a Simple Stand-Alone Digipeater


I'm somewhat familiar with APRS, but not enough to understand how to set up a 700a as a digipeater for this situation.
Will need to digipeat from a hill top in a remote location not within range of any APRS network digipeater.

Want to set it up to ONLY digipeat from a mobile or HT to a receiving station.  One hop like a non-linked voice repeater.

I'm familiar with the settings menu for APRS in the radio and can also access the TNC via the serial port to change any settings there.

Just what settings do I need to make this work?
Settings I've done:
In radio menu:
-Turned ON digipeat
-Set UIDigi to Wide1-1
-Packet path to Wide1-1

Then I turned on TNC to TNC-APRS

Any other recommendations?

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