Re: How to Set 'Beacon' to send my Lat/Lon on my D710GA ?

Randy Allen

You might try Wide1-1,Wide2-2 and see if that gets into your "local" I-gate (in fact that is the path of your last packet listed on APRS.FI)

That's assuming your -15 is a mobile/portable station.  You Icon indicates a fixed (home station) in which case you need to remove the "wide1-1" from your path.

Unlike connected packet you don't normally put specific stations in your APRS path.

It's possible that other stations (particularly home stations) might be acting as an I-Gate without having a symbol (For instance, my home station KA0AZS is a home station and acts as an I-gate since it has an internet connection).

Hope this helps


Randy KA0AZS

On 4/22/2020 12:26, KD7YZ Bob wrote:

Path .. hmmm, #612 is wide1-1,wide2-1

should I have entered KG4DVE-1 . which is the only iGate at 20 miles away.
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