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Hay Guys
As a follow up.  When getting ready to do a firmware up date, use what ever program you use for the radio, read the radio and then minimize that program.
Then follow the instructions to update the radio/control head.  Then you will be instructed to "RESET" the radio to its original factory settings.  THEN reinstall 
the reading you just did and viola your radio is now updated and back to what you had all your settings at.
I have used this method for multiple D710G's for myself and friends who have the D710's.  Works every time.
There have been firmware updates for both the radio AND the control head for the TNC.  So it is best to have two of those USB-K5G cables. 


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I use my RT Systems D-710 programming cable -  the USB-K5G. 
Plugs into the back of the control head, not the radio body. 


On Thursday, March 12, 2020, 09:44:00 PM PDT, David Erickson <radio@...> wrote:

Hey guys,

I am a new owner of the TM-710G.

I purchased a USB 8 pin cable for the programming but I am not sure
which cable to use for DATA. I am assuming that I need the DATA cable to
access the TNC from my computer. Is that the case?

Thanks in advance, I love this radio.

Dave Erickson - k0dom

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