Re: service doc TMD710GE/A / switch to ext.GPS ?

Rick Robinson <w8zt@...>

Maybe a message to Kenwood Service department and ask the parts guy and maybe they will check both models and see if they are the same or tell you what makes the difference . If it is just slightly different such as the software then you would probably be good to go with the manual from ModsDK. Just ask away, might get lucky. Good luck fixing your rig. Please let us know what happens for others,myself included, to know .

On 3/12/2020 11:13 AM, Hans , PA3HGT via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello all,

I looking for a servicedoc for a Kenwood TMD710GE/A , i looked at but only the servicedoc for the TMD710E/A is there , not the G version.
Can someone help me with that ?

I have some sensitivityisseus with the buildin GPS and want to search for the partnumber.
Can anyone help me how to select the ext. GPS port ?
I looked into the menu but i can't find the setting ;-(

Thanks in advance !

Rick, W8ZT


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