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Jim Andrews

Welcome to the world of the D710 😊


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A single external speaker in SP1 will cut off the internal speaker and everything comes out the external.


A single external speaker in SP2 sends the right-hand band to external, left-hand stays internal.


A two external speakers in SP1 and SP2 also splits the left and right bands, into separate speakers.


Note that the menu item Audio – 002 (Ext.Speaker) swaps the split audio (Mode 1 is as described above, Mode 2 left/right bands are swapped).


Oddly this is not described in the D710 manual. If you download the TM-V71 manual and look at page 71, there is a good explanation of it all (if you weren’t aware, the V71 and D710 are the same radio body, just different heads).


Is there any advantage – YES! I have speakers left and right side of the car, so when receiving I know which band the signal is being received on.







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Subject: [TMD700A] TM710G Installation questions


Just received my 710G which I am going to replace a Yaesu FT400XDR which I found to have lots of poor human factors in the areas of updating firmware and programming in general.


I have 2 questions about installing the 710G:


1. There are 2 speaker plugs on the rear.  If I am only going to use a single remote speaker do I plug it into the left or right plug?  Is there any advantage to using 2 spearate speakers?  The manual does not describe the function of either.


2. Is the sticky stuff on the front panel fan-shaped mount sufficient to hold to a dashboard?  Should I instead use strong velcro?  I do not intend to screw the mount into the dashboard.


Thanks and 73

-- Bruce, WA3AFS


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