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Mike Hickerson <w0mbh@...>

Hi Guys
The speaker jack that is closest to the outer edge of the radio deck will pllay "Both" sides of the radio through it.  That is the same as the built in speaker.
If you plug the external speaker into the 2nd speaker jack, that will play only the "B" side of the radio.
If you have two speakers plugged in, then the Left side will play the 2m side and the Right speaker will play the 440 side.  That way with two speakers,
you can tell which side is active.

No the sticky stuff is not strong enough to hold the control head.  There is double stick tape available at hardware stores that "IS" strong enough to hold.
I don'r remember the name of that, but that stuff is out there.


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Subject: [TMD700A] TM710G Installation questions
Just received my 710G which I am going to replace a Yaesu FT400XDR which I found to have lots of poor human factors in the areas of updating firmware and programming in general.

I have 2 questions about installing the 710G:

1. There are 2 speaker plugs on the rear.  If I am only going to use a single remote speaker do I plug it into the left or right plug?  Is there any advantage to using 2 spearate speakers?  The manual does not describe the function of either.

2. Is the sticky stuff on the front panel fan-shaped mount sufficient to hold to a dashboard?  Should I instead use strong velcro?  I do not intend to screw the mount into the dashboard.

Thanks and 73
-- Bruce, WA3AFS

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