Re: Reverse not working on VFO B

Mike Heskett WB5QLD

I remember hearing about some programming software (not Kenwood’s) messing up the offset. Please check what the offset is and which direction to see if it could be out of band. This may not be your problem, but I seem to remember hearing something like this – but I have slept since then. Since you are talking about a 710, you might get more answers in the 710 group. Kenwood-radios | TM-D710-and-TM-V71




Michael Heskett



From: <> On Behalf Of Mark Wolff
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 2:48 PM
Subject: Re: [TMD700A] Reverse not working on VFO B


Sorry then Hans, out of my range as every misdeed on mine has been solved by a reset, at least thus far.


I fear it may be time to contact Kenwood Tech Support and inquire there.  Perhaps there is a known issue with the firmware update or somesuch.


Best of luck with it.


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