Reverse not working on VFO B

Hans , PA3HGT

Hello all,

I have a odd problem with my TMD710GE with the latest firmware.
When i am on memorychannels on both vfo's,only VFO B is not going in reverse when the channel is programmed in repeater.
VFO A is not a problem but VFO B the reverse function is not working. I did the full reset and reprogrammed it.
The reverse is not working with the knob "rev" on the display and on the original mike where i programmed the PF key for reverse.
When i press one of the buttons for the function when i am on VFO B , the conformationbeep sounds as not programmed/not possible.
On VFO A the conformationbeep sounds good and the reverse works.

Anyone has a cleu about this ?
Thanks in advance !


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