Re: d-710 group scan/link

Pat Bryhan

Thanks for the info.  Now I guess I'll have to do some rearrangements.  Wish there was a good way to edit the channel numbers.  I tried doing that in MCP2 and they just reverted back to the original number.
73, Pat, KA9VRK

On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 11:18 AM AzEagleEye <kd7cac@...> wrote:
Hi Pat,

This is from my post to the group back in 2015:

Kenwood has a different approach to memory groups - they are determined while saving memories, not after the fact. So, any frequencies you save to memory channel numbers 0 through 99 will automatically be in Group 0, those saved to memory channels 100-199 will be in Group 1 and so on. See page Scan 2 of the CD owner’s manual.

73 de Dennis KD7CAC
Scottsdale, AZ

On Dec 3, 2019, at 8:22 AM, Pat Bryhan <pbryhan@...> wrote:

Hello, I have an older d-710a that I recently acquired.  I am having trouble figuring out the group scan/ group link features.  The manuals are less helpful than I need.  Anyone have experience with these features?    73, KA9VRK

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