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On 10/3/2019 13:53, Randy Allen wrote:

You mean you are using the SignaLink instead of the built in TNC? (if so, Why?)
Someone had emailed me that they thought external decode produced decodes off weaker (Sat's) thna internal ... that was one reason I elected the Packet mode.

And from the PDF you sent, gave me the second reason ... here is a 'snippet':

APRSIS32 Setup
For the D710, there are 2 pre-canned ports that can set up: KWD710(APRS) and
KWD710(APRS) maintains the radio’s internal APRS and GPS features and passes data
to the computer. The radio maintains control of transmissions. See full details at the
Wiki page linked above.
KWD710(PKT) turns off the radio’s APRS features and give full control of the TNC to
the computer. In this mode GPS data from the radio is not available.
You start by creating a port: Configure; Ports, New Port.
Use the ....

Or are you trying to used the internal TNC on one band (Set as the data band in the radio menus) and are trying to use the SignaLink to monitor APRS on the other (non-data in the radio band)?
Well, still being new to this: .. my main goal is to be able to work some grids off a satellite that allows those packets such as ISS does. I have been quite successful with that ISS and some good tracking, off my IC910.

The IC910 method was lacking a lot, mainly utility ...tedious story.

So I saw the D710GA and saw all the APRS and Packet built it.

Then I realised that I need to hit one of a few pre-written lines to send an unproto CQ for example ON these birds allowing such ... then respond to the call who sends me An answer/QSL .... with yet another pre-canned ( I write) message ACK'ing the QSO

Using UISS and SV2AGW's (purchased)"Packet Engine Pro", I can do that in quite rapid succession ... handy for LEO birds ... the speed of my reply ...

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with "dual decode"?
Well, that's still my internal-learning/testing-phase

I "think" that some new birds have 440mHz 9600 baud methods. I would "Like" to learn how to just simply decode then to see if the radio can.

If so, I can maybe make use of that mode/method.

I have two tracking setups using SPID rotators. The "auto" select and track what I pre-select (birds) .. I wanted to put them to "fun" use.

And, to add to this incredibly dull response, I use SDR-Console program off either a FCDP+ or one of three RTL's from 3 VAC Lines I created with that program.

Thus they are added into Packet Engine Pro.

So I am seeing 144.390 off the stacked Loops (too) .. they're atop the ridge and see 360 at 40 0r 50 AGL fwiw.

At the end of the programs is my newest fun favorite APRSIS32 ... but try as I may, I have yet to figure out how to make it replace UISS (for auto rapid replies) and AGWPE.

Annnnnd ... even APRSIS32 appears to mention of use AGWPE (PAcket Engine Pro) for making "Ports"

Since this is a huge steep learning curve for me, I foul about excessively ... but thanks to ya'all, I am getting somewhere.



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