Re: New D10GA questions

Randy Allen

I'm confused.

You mean you are using the SignaLink instead of the built in TNC? (if so, Why?)

Or are you trying to used the internal TNC on one band (Set as the data band in the radio menus) and are trying to use the SignaLink to monitor APRS on the other (non-data in the radio band)?

I'm pretty sure the internal TNC will only decode on one band at a time (as designated in the radio menus).  Never tried an external TNC at the same time (or ever with any Kenwood APRS enabled radio).

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with "dual decode"?



On 10/3/2019 08:49, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
On 9/30/2019 08:11, Chopper wrote:
Several others have reported issues with findu.  You are visible in the APRS system..
sorry late reply.

I am having a lot more luck as my brain learns more of how to use the nifty rig.

"Perhaps" I could ask this one:

is it possible that BOTH channels A,B can be monitored/decoded at the same time?

Right now I have a single TigerTronics SignaLInk USB connected to the Data terminal.

I have the impression I can only  decode one channel however.


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