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Hi All.
The programming cable USB-K5G that comes with the RTSystems programming package works for programming the radio as well as the data cable from the control head to the computer.  It also works for doing any upgrades to the rig.  For data operations,  the cable MUST be connected to the control head.   That is where the TNC is.  Not the radio deck.  I use the same cable for programming,  updates, and all data operations.  That includes APRS, Packet in both 1200 baud and  9600 baud, and any other data mode.

Mike WB0MH

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 I use the Kenwood PG-5G cable.  For use with APRS software it needs to
be plugged into the data port on the control head (where the TNC
resides), not the radio body (that port is used for programming, ECHO
LINK, etc.). I'm not familiar with the RT cable so don't know if it
works the same.  I've never used audio cables for APRS connectivity so
can't help you there.

Make sure the COM port in the radio is turned on (Menu 604).

Since you are using APRSIS32, check out this page (if you haven't

Hope this helps.



On 9/5/2019 09:26, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
> I am OK with Normal repeater functions. And I already bought the RT software and cable ... even setup a few mem channels.
> It's APRS that I am having troubles with. For example, I can press BCON and see I xmit ...every once in a while I can go on FindU and see that somehow my fixed GPS Position here at home, got TO findU ... but it seems I don't always send out a beacon even though I have it on Auto.
> Lemme ask this: I am using APRIS32 program ... how do I get audio in and out of it. So far, plugging in the Pink & Green plugs into the PC front panel Audio and Mic plugs produces nix.
> what software is anyone using for comms with ISS for example?
> B4 this rig, I used Packet Engine Pro and UISS with great success.
> so what to use with the D710GA?

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