Re: New D10GA questions


I am OK with Normal repeater functions. And I already bought the RT software and cable ... even setup a few mem channels.
It's APRS that I am having troubles with. For example, I can press BCON and see I xmit ...every once in a while I can go on FindU and see that somehow my fixed GPS Position here at home, got TO findU ... but it seems I don't always send out a beacon even though I have it on Auto.

Lemme ask this: I am using APRIS32 program ... how do I get audio in and out of it. So far, plugging in the Pink & Green plugs into the PC front panel Audio and Mic plugs produces nix.

what software is anyone using for comms with ISS for example?

B4 this rig, I used Packet Engine Pro and UISS with great success.

so what to use with the D710GA?

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