New D10GA questions


Mainly this is to be dedicated to APRS, Packet

As such, I seem to be decoding APRS off 144.390; a List is enlarging ... I also can get on the "B" band on 144.34/94 and make myself known.

I can use the RT Systems Programmer for memory.

I can touch BCON on the TM-710GA; see the bars indicate I am sending; see my Wattmeter verify that.

It is probable I have the default path wide-1 and wide2-1 set .. though there appears to be some duplicity when I find :settings:

Anyway, for now, I need to understand why I am decoding so far 34 stations in the APRs settiing but Findu never never reports my fixed position ... I'd disabled iGPS then added Mycall and my known GPS coordinates off my U-Blox GPS... EM88LL is the correct grid.
I xmit every few minutes now for a couple hours but never see it reported.

Next, I plugged in the two audio cables from Data ... to the Dell front panel Mic and Earphone ... all this did was usurp my system sounds. I run APRSIS32, AGW and UISS ... fwiw.

The rig is connected by a USB to serial as seen in the DevMan screenshot ... though ,,,, letting the Port-Setup program for a kenwood D710 "detect, she found com#20 which is what I plugged in for the RT memory program.

APRSIS32 :seems: to find my new TM-D710 cuz I see this in the log it makes :
2019-09-03T14:26:17.055 [TransmitAPRS] KD7YZ-1>APWW10,WIDE2-2:@142616h3829.68N/08301.09W-
2019-09-03T14:26:21.959 [Telemetry] KD7YZ-1>APWW10,WIDE2-2:T#160,100,048,095,128,000,10100000
2019-09-03T14:27:17.055 [TransmitAPRS] KD7YZ-1>APWW10,WIDE2-2:@142716h3829.68N/08301.10W-
so, please, anyone capable of handling the newbie tirade, please mail me off list and help me get going.
I intend to let one of the Alpha-Spid Az/El's track and decode the Digi_sats. Sadly I appear a long was from that ability.


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