Re: Copy PM to PM

Randy Allen


You simply use your current settings (say PM1 for example), make whatever changes you want, and then save it to whatever PM you wish (say PM5)

I have several presets;  1: normal APRS/Voice ops, 2: Voice only ops, 3: external PC APRS ops, 4: As needed for temporary operations (such as a Public Service event) APRS/Voice, and 5: Parked (APRS beacon every 20 minutes, voice (band B) off, backlight Off, beeps Off). 

When setting up for a Public Service Event I save my PM1 to PM4, then make changes (voice frequency, APRS comment/status text etc) and then save again to PM4.

Hope this helps.



On 7/29/2019 22:33, JeffH wrote:

I am a relatively new TM-D710GA owner. I haven't been using the 5 PM slots, but with some of the APRS work I'm looking to do, I think I've hit the point where I need to start using them.

Is there a way to copy the settings from the default PM to the other PM slots so I only have to change the one or two settings I'm interested in? Or do I have to manually configure each setting to match up?

I have both the standard MCP-6A software and the RT Systems software if that changes the answer. :-)



Jeff Hochberg
Atlanta, GA


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